Key Programming

A full car locksmith service

We run a complete mobile car locksmith service. Whether it is a simple matter of having a duplicate key cut, or something more involved, like reprogramming your existing keys to interface with your car’s computer, we have the tools and expertise to carry out the job with speed and precision.

Remember, with Car Key Solutions, there is ABSOLUTELY no need to call the main dealer.


Sometimes it is not just the physical key, but the interface between your smart key or fob and the computer that operates and monitors your car. These electronic units are a fantastic security device, so long as they are working properly but, if you lose your key or your access fob, there is always the worry that someone else will find it, and use it. At Car Key Solutions we do not just cut keys for you. We have the appropriate technology to reset and reprogram smart keys and fobs whatever make or model you drive, giving you back the security you need.

Lost or Stolen Auto Keys

If your car, van or bike keys have been lost or stolen Car Key Solutions can cut and programme new transponder keys to your vehicle. Please be aware that re-programming new keys means the old keys will not be recognised if tried later in the ignition system. However because the keys are still cut the same then access in to the vehicle is still possible and your vehicle contents are still at risk.

Car Key Solutions can solve this problem carrying out a complete lock set change or adjust the tumblers in each lock barrel to give your vehicle the same level of protection it had when it origially left the factory.

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For an emergency lock out service call Car Key Solutions on: 663 844 072.