Key Cutting Service

A full car locksmith service

We run a complete mobile car locksmith service. Whether it is a simple matter of having a duplicate key cut, or something more involved, like reprogramming your existing keys to interface with your car’s computer, we have the tools and expertise to carry out the job with speed and precision.

Remember, with Car Key Solutions, there is ABSOLUTELY no need to call the main dealer.

Key replacement

Core to our business as the region’s premier mobile locksmith is our key replacement service. A new set of keys can be required for any number of reasons: perhaps you have broken them in the lock, locked them in the car, mislaid them somewhere else, or simple need a duplicate set cutting for a second driver. Whatever the reason, with Car Key Solutions on your side, you can be assured of a quick and professional replacement service for any make or model.

Bent or Broken Keys

Broken car/van/motorbike keys are very common and a large part of Car Key Solutions' workload. If you have ever bent your key and tried to straighten it the chances are this has weakened your key with a hairline fracture which will eventually break at an inconvenient time.
Car Key Solutions will normally be able to remove the broken key using locksmith methods and specialist key extraction tools. But success depends on the type of lock system and how much of the key is still in the lock. It may be necessary to remove and strip down the complete lock. If you have bent your key you should replace it before this happens to save time, money and future inconvenience.

Vehicle keys stolen!

Don’t worry, Car Key Solutions provide a full lock replacement service and can recode the locks on your vehicle to stop the stolen or lost keys being used, including in the ignition. All work can be done wherever your vehicle is situated by our mobile specialists.

One key to rule them all!

If you have bought a vehicle second hand, you may find that you need a different key for the door, boot and ignition. This will be because a previous owner has had one or more of the locks replaced. We can come out to you and recode your existing locks so one key fits them all.

For an emergency lock out service call Car Key Solutions on: 663 844 072.