Faulty Locks

Vehicle Door Lock is Damaged/Broken

If your vehicle's lock mechanism has been damaged, then we will usually be able to remove the faulty lock and repair it so it continues to work with the other locks on your car.

Car/Van Door Lock Replacement

Should the vehicle lock be damaged beyond repair, a replacement lock can be fitted that matches your existing keys - so you do not require any new keys to be cut.

Ignition Barrel Repair & Replacement

One of the most common issues with damaged ignition barrels is excessive wear, caused by the weight of having too many keys hanging on your keychain whilst driving. This causes wear on the small internals of the barrel, causing it to stop working or worse case become insecure, so any key can turn the ignition. We can strip down and repair the internals of the barrel to have it working like new. Or if the barrel is not repairable, we can replace the ignition and code it to your original key, meaning there is no need for different keys for your door and ignition.

If your vehicle key won’t turn in the ignition barrel or your ignition is jammed, then we can repair the barrel for you. Sometimes it can be done without having to remove the barrel but if necessary, the barrel can be removed, repaired and replaced.

For an emergency lock out service call Car Key Solutions on: 663 844 072.